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iPrescribeApp | powered by iMedicalApps

Physicians and patients want to use the latest mobile apps and devices to manage their health, but need reputable and unbiased resources for guidance.


iPrescribeApps enables physicians to prescribe health apps and devices to patients.


Patients receive notifications and detailed instructions on how to use the prescribed apps or devices.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma

A physician wants to help a patient track his blood pressure and lose weight...

The Dilemma
The Dilemma

The physician might give the patient pamphlets and other educational material, and suggest he start a blood pressure journal.

Unfortunately, these materials are often lost or forgotten, resulting in inconsistent treatment.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma

Physician time with patients continues to decrease, and studies show less than half of patients remember the discharge instructions given to them by their physician.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma

Meanwhile, mobile technology has become pervasive and widespread, creating many new options and tools for patient care and health management.

Physicians and patients need reputable and unbiased resources to leverage these apps and devices to improve care, compliance, and the patient physician relationship.

The Solution for Physicians
The Solution for Physicians

When physicians log on to iPrescribeApps, they will be able to pick a disease pathology and be presented with a short list of relevant apps and devices that have met a strict selection criteria based on evidence based methodology and expert opinion.

The Solution for Physicians
The Solution for Physicians

Once the physician has selected an app and/or device, they click on the prescribe button and enter their patient's email address. This entire process takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

The Solution
The Solution

iPrescribeApps is powered by the physicians of iMedicalApps.com, considered the leading publication of mobile medical app reviews. iMedicalApps has been referenced by The New York Times, WIRED, and is considered by the Cochrane Collaborative as an evidence based site.

The Solution
The Solution

With iPrescribeApps, healthcare apps and devices are curated using evidence based criteria and expert opinion by the physicians of iMedicalApps.

The Solution for Patients
The Solution for Patients

When physicians recommend an app or device, patients get an email from iPrescribeApps directing them on exactly how to use these tools to improve their health.

The Solution for Patients
The Solution for Patients

When patients visit iPrescribeApps from their email, they are able to find their physician recommended apps with download links and instructions on how to utilize the apps to improve their health.

Patients will be able to view detailed instructional videos that show them how to utilize apps and devices, and how they can be used to improve their health.

The Results
The Results

With iPrescribeApps showing them exactly how to utilize these mobile health tools, patients are able to track their health and be more compliant with their physician recommendations.

The Results
The Results

At follow up visits, patients will be able to more effectively share their health tracking information with their physician, improving compliance, and enabling their physician to more effectively manage their health.

The Conclusion
The Conclusion

iPrescribeApps brings a powerful and useful service to physicians and patients, helping them to utilize emerging technology to better manage health.

The iPrescribeApps difference


Evidence-based health app/device recommendations

Expert Opinion

The experienced physicians of iMedicalApps, with over 1,500 medical app reviews and 4 years of reviewing applications


Helpful information and videos to show patients how to use the recommended apps and devices to improve their health and how to present the information to their physician

From clinical problem to mobile solution.

Excited? We are.

We're excited about iPrescribeApps and hope you are too. If you'd like to participate, sign-up for early access and we'll notify you as soon as the beta is up and running. Physicians invited to join our beta will receive free access to iPrescribeApps and be able to submit feedback. Early access is limited so sign up now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind iPrescribeApps?

iPrescribeApps is created by the team that runs iMedicalApps. We are an independent team of physicians. We are proud to say iPrescribeApps is run exclusively by physicians, something that makes us unique in this space. There are no other stakeholders that could cause perverse apps to be selected.

How much does it cost?

For the initial providers that sign up to use the beta -- there will be no cost to you or your patients.

Do you make developers pay to be listed on iPA?

Unlike other platforms that have attempted to do this in the past, we don't make developers pay us to list their apps. We feel this has the potential to cause a conflict of interest. Plus, we want to list the apps we feel are the best -- and not limit our pool of apps. Apps are selected from the Apple App Store and Google Play store -- based on apps available in the United States.

When will the beta be ready to use?

We plan on launching iPrescribeApps in Q3 of this year.

Will patients get an email from me, or get my contact information?

No -- we won't share your information with your patients. Your patients will get an email or text message from iPrescribeApps. iPrescribeApps will spend the time to go over the app and how to use it in tutorials.

What is the overall goal of iPrescribeApps?

We want to effect change on a "populations" based level -- this is the underlying motivator. Healthcare is no longer about the next new million dollar gadget or newest davinci robot. With the cost to treat chronic diseases soaring, and with the lack of attention to preventative medicine -- we're tired of waiting for others to create platforms that will address these issues. We want to affect change on a larger level -- and we want providers who are interested in this goal as well.

Join iPrescribe apps, join the movement.

A message from Iltifat Husain, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of iMedicalApps

With iMedicalApps, we've been able to educate millions of health providers across the world on how they can use mobile technology in their various clinical workflows. Our goal with iMedicalApps was to demonstrate how mobile tools can improve clinical workflows and knowledge -- helping improve overall patient care.

We've also spent a significant amount of time teaching physicians how mobile tools can be used to enhance the patient physician relationship -- from teaching physicians how they can use mobile tools to show patients how their surgery will be performed, or health apps or devices physicians should recommend to their patients.

But we now are taking it a step further.

We believe we've now reached a tipping point in mobile healthcare due to the significant penetrance of smartphones and accompanying health apps. For the first time, we now feel we can make a tremendous change at a population based level -- not just for the individual clinician or patient technophile.

With the thousands of reviews we have done of medical and healthcare apps, iMedicalApps is in prime position to recommend health apps that actually matter -- that can actually change behavior and have the potential to improve health outcomes. But we're not just talking about "recommending" -- we're talking about "prescribing".

Born out of this experience, we are introducing iPrescribeApps -- a platform that will enable physicians to efficiently prescribe the right application to the right patient. Not only will we use expert opinion and evidence-based criteria to select the apps, we will help clinicians decide which application fits their patient the best.

From the physician standpoint -- we only want to utilize apps that have the best chance of working. The iMedicalApps team has done multiple systematic reviews on various disease pathologies to find criteria that have been proven to work for behavior change using mobile devices. We understand our physician peers "want the evidence" -- and we're going to give it to them.

From the patient standpoint -- when a provider prescribes an app, iPrescribeApps will do the heavy lifting -- not just getting the application to the patient, but also teaching them how to use it.

We want physicians to be proud to say -- "i prescribe apps".

Join the movement, sign up to be a beta user for iPrescribeApps.